Missionary Disciples: Pointing People to Jesus


Discipleship is a way of life. To be a disciple, is to be somebody who follows a 

teacher, for Christians, that teacher is Jesus Christ, who, if we belong to him, 

demands our souls, our lives, our all. To be a disciple is more than following 

Jesus, but actively living for him, and making his life known to others, that they

may come to know him as Saviour and Lord.

At St Columba's, our framework for discipleship comes from a rule of life

in the Diocese of Liverpool, that rule is centred on inputs and outputs.

The inputs call us to 'pray, read and learn'. This focus on prayer, the reading of 

scripture and the learning of the Christian faith sustain us, and deepen our faith

in order that we may equipped to be disciples in twenty-first century.

This equipping, naturally leads us to be sent into the world to

'tell, serve and give'. The response to God's love propels us to share it with others

in word and in deed. We cannot articulate the gospel clearly for others to hear,

if we are not steeped in it ourselves.


We as a Church, committed to this task, are engaging in ways to strengthen and

deepen our faith in order that we may be disciples who are truly missionary, 

pointing others to Jesus Christ, so that they may come to know him, love him

and serve him. We as parish, long to see a bigger church that makes a bigger difference,

with more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world. 

Why not sign up to the rule of life, deepen your faith, and put it into practice?


Lent will be different this year, 2021, as it was last year. We will be deepening

our discipleship through the study of  the scriptures. Saint Jerome reminds us

that 'ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ'. This year our focus will be

Mark's Gospel, the gospel we read liturgically during the Mass. Sessions will

be held over Zoom; for more information please contact the Vicar.

When we are permitted we will gather to 'read' the scriptures as a whole. 

The 'Bible Course' gives a comprehensive overview of the scriptures, 

we look forward to reading and learning them together.

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