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Missionary Disciples: Pointing People to Jesus

What We Believe

We believe that our faith has been revealed to us by God in his Son Jesus Christ,

whom we hear about in the pages of the Bible, through the Tradition of the

Church, and through the teaching and ministry of the bishops, who are the

successors to Jesus’ first apostles. At the heart of our faith lies the belief that

humankind was created out of love by God, who wants us to be in a relationship

with him. Our collective history and our personal stories, however, testify to the

fact that we prefer to run away from him rather than serve him.


The result is often unhappy lives, lived for ourselves, rather than sacrificial lives,

lived for God and our neighbour. And that is why Jesus came to us.

He came to us to sort out the problem of sin, of us running away from God

and dwelling in selfishness and pride, by dying for us on the Cross, and showing

us just how much God loves us. His death enables us to be reconciled to God,

whatever our past, and however far we have strayed from him in the first place.

We receive that forgiveness through baptism, confirmation and the Eucharist,

which, together, initiate someone into the Christian faith, making them one

of God’s own children and a member of his family, the church. 


Now this might be a lot to take in, but it is the Christian faith in a nutshell!

If, having read this, you have further questions about the Christian faith,

or would like to become a Christian through baptism, then please contact the

Vicar, Fr Daniel, who would be happy to discuss these things further

with you. We hope very much to hear from you soon.


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