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Missionary Disciples: Pointing People to Jesus

The Alpha Course

Do you have questions about existence, the meaning of life or God? If the answer is yes, then Alpha is for you.

The Alpha Course will run here at St Columba's in January/February 2023.

We will explore: 

Is there more to life than this? 17th January

Who is Jesus? 24th January

Why did Jesus die? 31st January

How can I have faith? 7th February 

Why and how do I pray? 14th February

Why and how should I read the Bible? 21st February 

How does God guide us? 28th February 

Take a sneak peek of what to expect here:

















Interested? Register here:

Simply, pop in our postcode, L4 7UQ and sign up!

Link not working? Drop us an email to register:

Join us, we look forward to welcoming you! 

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